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RVi Brake 2 System For Towed Vehicles

RVI Brake 2

  • Auxiliary Braking System for your Towed Vehicle
  • Rvibrake's unique "One-Touch Auto Positioning" technology allows for a perfect installation every time
  • To install the Rvibrake
    • Attach the spring-loaded clevis onto the brake pedal
    • Plug the power cord into the towed vehicle's 12 volt receptacle and press the Auto Start button on the control panel
    • The Rvibrake's adjustable actuator will push on the brake pedal 5 times, allowing the housing to move back a little at a time until the housing is up against the seat pan of the towed vehicle
  • This one-of-a-kind technology ensures that the Rvibrake is properly installed every time.
  • Breakaway System and Wireless Monitor Included
  • No Connections to the Motor Home
  • No Alterations to Your Hydraulic Brake Lines
  • Easily Transferable From One Vehicle to Another
  • Weighs 10 lbs. and is UPS Shippable
  • Dimensions: 5" x 13" x 17"
  • 3 year Limited Warranty
  • Includes:
    • BreakAway System: Automatically Applies Brakes on Towed Vehicle in the Event That The Tow Bar Releases. Required by Most States and Provinces
    • Diagnostic Wireless Remote: Using Wireless Technology, Braking Sensitivity Can Be Adjusted On-The Fly from the Coach. Moreover, the Alert System Notifies You Every Time the RVI Brake is Activated.
    In-Store Purchase Only


RVI Brake 2

Click Here To View Video of the RVI Brake

Tire Pressure Sensors
  • The RVibrake Tire Pressure Sensors are the easiest to use tire pressure sensors available. All you have to do is enable the sensors on the RVibrake2's Wireless monitor, thread them onto the towed vehicle's tire stems, and you’re ready to go!
  • No Repeater Needed
    By simply using RVibrake2's existing communication system the sensors transmit from the tires to RVibrake2 in the towed vehicle and RVibrake2 transmits to the wireless monitor in the coach. This means there are no hidden costs for a repeater. RVibrake2 acts as the TPMS repeater.
  • One Monitor to Rule Them All
    There is no need for another monitor on the dash in the coach. The Tire Pressure Sensors share RVibrake2's wireless monitor.
  • Monitor Real-Time PSI, Low Pressure Alert, Flat Tire Alarm, High Temp Alert
  • Package of 4
In-Store Purchase Only


RVI Tire Pressure Sensors

RVI Tire Pressure Sensors

Click Here To View Video of the Tire Pressure Sensors

Towed Battery Charger
  • The Towed Battery Charger charges/maintains the battery in your towed vehicle while towing
  • The premium design handles both heavy load and trickle charging
  • Installs in 15 minutes
In-Store Purchase Only


RVI Brake 2 Towed Battery Charger

Click Here To View Video of Why You Should Use The Towed Battery Charger

Complete Breakaway Kit
  • For Those Using RVi 2 On Another Vehicle
In-Store Purchase Only


RVI Brake 2 Breakaway Kit
12 Volt Direct Battery Connect
  • For Vehicles That DO NOT Have Power To Cigarette Lighter While Towing
In-Store Purchase Only


RVI Brake 2 12 Volt Direct Battery Connect
Soft Carrying Case For RVi 2 Brake
In-Store Purchase Only


RVI Brake 2 Carrying Case

SMI Delta Force Brake System
SMI Delta Force

Delta Force is the break through everyone has been waiting for. The first and only dual-signal, proportional portable braking system. Sleek size and balanced weight distribution design make storage and setup unbelievably simple. Intuitive user interface takes the guesswork out of setup and provides intelligent fault code monitoring. Wireless CoachLink™ and breakaway system included.

  • Auxiliary Braking System for your Towed Vehicle
  • Ruggedized Enclosure - The outer case of Delta Force is just as durable as it looks. Made of laser-cut, powder-coated aluminum in the USA. Adjustable feet allow for up to a 2" irregularity in the floorboard on any corner.
  • Works On Any Floor Board - The tether cable makes the Delta Force work on any floor board. It does not push against the seat. Just mount one self tapping screw and connect tether cable to SMI & it is in place.
  • Wireless CoachLink - Have the confidence of always knowing what Delta Force is doing. CoachLink wireless monitors connectivity, voltage levels, braking effort, intelligent fault codes, and the breakaway circuit.
  • Ball-and-Socket Actuator - Easy to store, easy to use. Combined with the Set-it-Once Pedal Clamp™ and tether system, Delta Force has the unmistakable edge in usability.
  • Set-it-Once Pedal Clamp - If it's not an SMI, then it is not Set-it-Once. No springs, no wrestling, no pushing, no pulling. So easy to use it almost unfathomable.
  • Dual-Signal Braking Profile - The only portable system to offer dual-signal braking. Delta Force will operate as a fully-proportional, inertia-based system; but, with optional addition (parts included) of the brake light signal from the coach Delta is automatically transformed to a level no portable system before has been to.
  • Proprietary Fail-Safe Valving - Requiring power to vent the actuator is asking for problems. We designed our own proprietary valve body that is 100% failsafe requiring power to hold the activation air in. This long awaited enhancement allows Delta Force to be in an exhaust state even with the power completely disconnected, making it the most reliable, fail-safe system on the market.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions - Our dealers and self-installers have been instrumental in helping us design and refine the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Each Delta Force system comes complete so you do not need to purchase anything for the installation. We also offer 24/7 technical support from real live technicians not just an answering service.
  • Made In The USA
SMI Delta Force Portable Brake System

SMI Delta Force Portable Brake System In Car

SMI Delta Force Cable Tether In Car

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